No New Information on the Mysterious Drones Flying Over Colorado

Image Credit - New York Magazine

Mysterious drone sightings continue to spread throughout Colorado. For the past three weeks, the sightings have spread throughout Colorado; with reports of drone sightings coming from as far west as Fort Collins and as far south as Pueblo. As of today, January 13th, no one knows where these drones are coming from, or who is flying them.

Following up on our earlier blog post, there is precious little new information to report. Last week, the Colorado Springs Gazette put forward the idea that the drones were a secret Air Force operation. However, a few days later, the Air Force put out a statement denying that they are involved.

A multi-agency working group has been assembled to help track down the drone operator. Representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Air Force, local sheriff and police departments, and the FBI, are all working together.

However, there is a new explanation circulating online: the whole thing might be a hoax. Some people are suggesting that the drones are an example of mass panic. Perhaps some of these sightings are misidentified airplanes or just overactive imaginations.

Time will tell whether is mystery is ever solved. In the meantime, Granite Signals manufactures cutting-edge drone-detection systems, so contact us today if you have a mysterious drone problem.

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