The Digital Drone Detection (D3) System

The D3 system is a turnkey, easy to install system that helps you deal with the threat posed by drones. It consists of three separate, easy to use pieces.


D3 Sensors detect incoming drones and pilots. They work 24/7, silently detecting threats from beyond line-of-sight.


D3 Alarms save you time and manpower. Insteading of watching a map, the Alarms will alert your officers to any detected drones.

Online Portal

The D3 Portal has displays of any detected drones or pilots, providing you with their real-time locations.

D3 Sensors

D3 Sensors are the backbone of the D3 System. They silently monitor the area for drones and their pilots. By placing a series of Sensors around your Correctional Facility, you can detect any drone trying to bring contraband in.

D3 Alarms

Manpower is tight. No one has the extra personnel to just watch a map, waiting for a drone to be detected. D3 Alarms provide real-time detection warnings when a drone is detected.

The D3 Portal

When a drone is detected, you can see its real-time location in the D3 Portal. The Portal also contains diagnostic information for your Sensors and Alarms. Additionally, it contains user-access restrictions, so you can compoartmentalize your data.

Protect your Facilities from Drones

The D3 System detects and alerts you to incoming drones, as well as locating the pilot. Don't let drones fly into your facility, fight back.