The D3 Sensor

The D3 Sensor is a high-tech Radio Frequency (RF) detection device. An internal antenna array intercepts the radio waves that drones use to communicate with their pilot's controller. This enables the Sensor to detect both the drone and the pilot.

More Powerful

Radar, Cameras, and Microphones can't detect drone pilots. Only RF detection technology can.


Each Sensor has a range of 500-800 meters. This provides over 250,000 square meters of coverage.


Every D3 Sensor and Alarm has an internal radio network, cutting down on the number of Internet connections needed.


By using 6 antennas, each Sensor can perform 360 degree detection with a higher resolution than traditional 2 antenna systems.

False Positives

Radar and Camera based systems are plauged by birds providing false positives. Birds don't cause false positives for RF detection.

Online Portal

When a Sensor detects a drone or pilot, the real-time location is displayed on the Map Page in the D3 Portal.


Setup for the Sensors is easy. Simply mount it on a pole, plug it in, configure an Internet connection, and access it in the D3 Portal.


The D3 System scales effortlessly. Simply add more Sensors to increase your coverage. From 2 to 200+ Sensors, it's that easy.


Sensors can be synced with D3 Alarms, to provide custom alerts. Pair an Alarm with every Sensor at a site, or a single Sensor for targeted coverage.

Detect Drones with D3 Sensors

Drones can't hide from the D3 Sensors. Neither can drone pilots. Protect your Facilities.