The D3 Portal

The D3 Portal is the centerpiece of the D3 System. This website allows you to monitor any detected drones or drone pilots in real-time. It has tools to create and manage users, diagnose issues with Sensors or Alarms, and configure Sensors and Alarms. The D3 Portal is also protected by state-of-the-art data encryption.

Monitor the Map

The Map Page provides an overview of your Sensors, their health status, and if any drones are in the area.

Find Drones

If a drone is detected, the detecting Sensors will draw Lines of Bearing (LOBs) out to the drone, providing an accurate, real-time location.

Find Pilots

If a pilot is detected, the LOBs will also paint their position.

Optimize Sensor Placement

The Portal contains a tool to aid and optimize your Sensor placement.

Create and Manage Users

The Portal has tools to create users and compartmentalize their access to information for security.

Sync Alarms and Sensors

Sync D3 Alarms and Sensors in any combination you need, providing targeted, timely alerts to officers when they need them.


If there is an issue with a Sensor or Alarm, the Portal will diagnose the problem and provide steps to help fix it.

Cloud Security

The Portal is hosted on the cloud that hosts the Department of Defense's data.

Secure Data

All Portal data is encrypted during transit and at rest, using the highest encryption standards.

Monitor Drones in Your Airspace with the D3 Portal

When a drone is flying around your facility, track its progress with the D3 Portal. Its real-time tracking helps you coordinate an effective response.