Mysterious Drones Keep Flying Over North-East Colorado

Image Credit - CBS

Since late December, multiple drones of unknown origin have been flying over North-Eastern Colorado and parts of Nebraska. There have been several sightings, and even videos posted online. Up to seventeen drones have been seen flying around in a grid pattern, or hovering near towns for extended periods.

This story is still developing and has attracted the attention of national media outlets, including USA Today, CNN, and The Washington Post.

Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Elliott has been investigating the drones. He and his deputies believe that the drones do not pose a threat. Due to the large size of the drones, which appear to have a six-foot wingspan, it is believed that they are for commercial purposes.

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, Republican, has contacted the FAA and is helping to spur the federal agency to action.

Yuma County Sheriff Todd Combs correctly noted on Facebook that they cannot interfere with the drones. The FAA considers drones aircraft, so non-federal agencies cannot shoot them down or jam them. However, they can use equipment like Granite Signal's D3 Drone Detection System to locate drones in the area.

According to Combs, several local sheriffs, police departments, and representatives of federal agencies are convening a meeting on January 6th to plan a course of action. We will keep you updated on this developing story.

For full disclosure, Granite Signals has an office in Weld County, Colorado, one of the counties where the drones have been spotted.

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