Canadian Police and Prision Officials Seek Public’s Help to Deal with Drone Onslaught

Image Credit - The Kingston Whig Standard

Canadian jails and prisons have a drone problem. The Ontario Provincial Police and Canadian Correctional Service released a public service message to ask for the public’s help curbing drone activity near correctional institutions.

The September message, put out on Twitter, has a video of Sgt. Joel Blacklock of the OPP Joint Forces Penitentiary Squad, discussing the issue of drones delivering contraband into prisons.

Historically, the Canadian Government has been reluctant to discuss drones delivering contraband into prisons. Recently a former Canadian prison commissioner noted that between 2013 and 2016 there were 41 drone incidents at Canadian prisons.

Blacklock also noted that previous forms of contraband delivery like throwing balls over fences has declined in favor of criminals using drones.

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