33 Drone Sightings Near Virginia Prisons Since 2018

Image Credit - The Virginian-Pilot

A Freedom of Information Act request from the Virginian-Pilot newspaper has discovered that there were 33 drone sightings near Virginia Correctional Facilities in the last two years. At one point, correctional officers observed six drones flying over a prison at the same time.

This comes out after our recent post about a drone carrying drugs that was recovered near Buckingham Correctional Center. There have been three other drone sightings at that facility.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, of the 33 sightings, 15 have been at the state's "major institutions". For most of the sightings, no contraband was recovered. However, recovered contraband includes: marijuana, cocaine, cell phones, sim cards, and handcuff keys.

Virginia Department of Corrections spokeswoman, Lisa Kinney, said "We are absolutely concerned about drones". In addition to smuggling in contraband, drones can be used to monitor prison operations. A drone can easily observe guard shift patterns, staff movements, and monitor supply trucks entering facilities.

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